Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mercedes E320 Bluetec

Mercedes E320 Bluetec

More than half of the cars sold in Europe today are diesels, as opposed to barely five percent scratching the market here in the U.S. But a shift is taking place as cleaner burning technology makes its way into the mainstream, countering the old diesel stereotypes of being dirty, loud, and unsophisticated. And as more people wake up to the benefits of the modern diesel system, Mercedes Benz is leading the charge with technology it calls “Bluetec”. Intended to span over a line of several vehicles, the Bluetec designation is most commonly associated with Benz’ E-Class platform, specifically the E320 sedan.

“…boasts superior mileage and plentiful torque…”

“Quiet, comfortable, and dignified at highway speeds.”
Kelley Blue Book

“For those interested in fuel economy… Bluetec delivers.”
U.S. News and World Report